Digital Piracy

How To Fight Against Digital Piracy

Amid all the struggles companies face to create unique entertainment options for its users, the most terrifying one is the fear of digital piracy attack.

With increase in the intrusion of privacy and copyright infringements, it has become completely impossible for entertainment agencies to remain untouched with the implications of digital piracy.

And those working hard to offer its customers a unique digital experience, are affected the most.

Hence, in this article, we have summoned 6 different ways to put restrictions on such advancements.

Gone are the days when pirated contents weren’t much of a concern.

Although being able to considerably affect the entertainment agencies, it still wasn’t simple for every user to transform the pirated content into useful files operational on Television or computers.

One had to look for the right file going through tons of torrent indexing websites.

There used to be huge chances of introducing malware when doing so.

Hence, many users, even when having knowledge about such practices, kept themselves away from enjoying the free pirated content.

And, the efforts did not end there.

After you have downloaded the files, these versions often needed conversion to the right format.

Moreover, beyond all the trouble, the poor picture and voice quality made it difficult for the users to watch the video.

For these reasons, DCMA and other concerned departments were not very strict at all.

However, time changed and we moved to the app based devices including smart televisions, making it easier for intruders to provide individuals with better quality and easily accessible pirated content.

No more need to download the contents.

Just open the platform and live stream the videos you wish to watch.

Isn’t that a lot easier? That is why, anti-piracy policies became the need of the hour.

Measures to Restrict Digital Piracy from its Root

Operators are fighting to prevent piracy. Many experts have shared their policies to make stronger laws and restrictions for doing so.

At DCMA’s TVLS 2018 event, Olivier Dufour, the CEO of Motorsport Network, in his presentation, suggested a few measures for further strengthening the anti-piracy policies.

Offer Better Incentives to Customers than Pirated Apps are Offering

There are a few reasons why consumers look for pirated content. And, the most obvious one is the affordability.

Talking about the budget, the pirated contents are mostly available free of charges.

While operators cannot win on that front.

It can definitely offer better incentives to its users.

For instance, keeping the prices fair and backing its user experience through AI leveraged interfaces.

This means offering users suggestions based on their past viewed content.

Letting them create their own watch list and providing options to set alerts for upcoming videos.

There could be plenty of other ways operators could keep their customers glued to their subscription forever.

By finding better user experience strategies, operators could defeat digital pirates.

Do not forget to offer great picture quality because this is where pirated content lags behind. So, better to make most of the weaknesses.

Create Awareness

It is important to educate consumers that piracy is illegal, not just for those who copy content and present it to the viewers but for those as well who take advantage of that.

In short, those watching pirated content are also contributing to the piracy as a whole.

And, this not just that.

From accessing apps that share pirate content to sharing passwords of the subscription that one holds, anything against the legal compliance give piracy a headway.

Moreover, it is also crucial that the consumers understand the moral obligations towards those providing them entertainment content.

Threats for Pirates

It is equally important to restrict pirates from stealing the video content as its crucial to make consumers aware of the legal way of streaming online content.

Because, unprotect content is not a choice anymore, the creators do look for operators that offer licensing deals.

The content creators look for channels and platforms that could provide safety to their content and have strict policies against infringers.

And, it must not only be on papers though. One should put that into practice when the need arises.

Effective Technological backing

To put a stop to piracy, one must first aim to find out the contents being stolen and to where its parked.

In short, find the pirated content as well as the pirate streaming platform.

In order to do so, operators must have fully functional and effective technological backing at the pre-transmission stage.

Constant monitoring, either AI based or manual, must be taken into consideration.

You can even rely on a hybrid solution accompanying certain percentage of automation along with human intervention to keep a complete watch.

After finding the breach, one must take prompt action to put that down.

To make the entire process smoother and fast, operators must seek agreements from search engines along with social media platforms.

Use Legal Enforcements

Either make use of traditional take down notices or more sophisticated options such as real time messages for moving from pirated solution to a legal option.

By utilizing right anti-piracy services, it would be easier to keep a check on those consumers relying on pirated streaming.

Hence, making it easier to reach them through the listed ways.

The faster the results are achieved the better is the outcome.

Hence, removal of such illegal streaming would speed up the cause for protecting digital content rather than bringing consumers to the legal authorities.

A Common Goal

Streaming agencies compete for securing the top positions.

However, if one wants to successfully eliminate piracy, companies must cooperate to put efforts together.

And, this must take place at every level of operation.

The Verdict

It is certainly very challenging to put a complete full stop to piracy.

While entertainment industries cannot share their content for free, the pirates would always find ways to lure consumers for their own benefits.

In such scenario, we must at least try to progress and mitigate together to lessen the side effects of the crime at our disposal.

Fighting with proper and actionable policies could definitely help legal authorities to counter the problem significantly.